How It Works

Improve your reputation in a few easy steps

Enter your business' profiles from Yelp, Facebook, Google and more!
  • Gather your business' profiles from around the web
  • Enter them into your account along with your business' physical locations
  • We'll direct happy customers to your desired profiles
Create campaigns
Craft your campaign and auto-response message
  • Incentivize your campaign to keep your customers returning and engaged (optional)
  • Enter your custom message and include a trackable discount code
  • We'll automatically ask for the review
  • Track your campaign's performance from your dashboard
Distribute custom marketing materials, we'll do the dirty work!
Print your marketing materials with your custom campaign phone number
Use your custom campaign phone number in your online advertising
We will send your customer directly to their preferred platform (Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc.)
Disgruntled customers will be sent to a feedback form, giving you the opportunity to resolve their issues offline